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The personal injury industry is a highly competitive market. This year has been one of the most challenging for businesses around the world and people from all walks of life. If you are a Charlotte personal injury lawyer, you need to use affordable SEO, even more effectively than before to continue growing their market share and brand.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms

It’s basically about making your website more visible on search engines. How do you achieve it? You need to optimize your pages to target common phrases that your audience demographic is likely to type into Google. For example, you can type in the name of a personal injury attorney near me because you are hoping to find a local attorney to help you with your claim. Can you be more specific and point out where is a good personal injury attorney in Tampa? To make this work for you on search engines like Google, you need to create content around words and phrases that Google can find when your target audience searches.

What Are Keywords?

You may also hear people mention keywords as well as phrases. Keywords or phrases are what the user types into Google to find the website of their choice. Therefore, if you type in the name of a personal injury attorney in New York, it is a keyword phrase. For a law firm to appear in search results in a favorable position, you need to think about the keywords that your target market types in the most in Google. You must have these words on your website and, above all, in the right places.

These keywords are important because they determine which pages appear in a search. So go back to your phrase “personal injury lawyers in Tampa” and Google will then search for websites that talk about it and show you the most relevant ones.

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Optimization for Better SEO Success

However, personal injury law firms don’t just use keywords. To get more visibility on Google, you need to optimize your website and its content. You will need to update content regularly and include blogs and long-form content.

Practice Area Pages

These posts are longer than blog posts and can be around 2,000+ words. Content is king. For Google to find your law firm, the content must be good, with keyword optimization. Good law firms will produce great long-form content with pages optimized with good keywords. They will do keyword research and make sure the content has headings that will help Google find their site.

Create Sections

A personal injury law firm will want to include sections on car accidents, medical negligence, and more. All phrases a user can type in a search. The content of the long-form is important to make the site visible. It will keep a visitor on the page longer; attract other websites to include backlinks to your page, and any opportunities to include keywords and phrases.

Why Do Law Firms Often Update Content?

Updating your content means the post date is refreshed. This gives businesses the ability to check SEO and update keywords. Google will recreate the pages after refreshing the content. You can keep people coming back with new content. Update statistics and facts, add new images and, if necessary, other links, and change the layout to make it more attractive.

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Visual Optimization

While it’s not so much about SEO, successful law firms know the importance of good visuals. No one wants to read page after page of text. Cut long content with appropriate and engaging images. Law firms typically show off their partners and legal team, and friendly, approachable-looking photos can attract potential clients.

Use an External SEO Agency

It’s likely that a personal injury law firm will use outside SEO help rather than an in-house team. There are many things an agency can help with and will likely look at many facets, from meta tags to keywords to social media and more. If you run a law practice and want more clients, consider hiring a company that offers affordable SEO services.

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