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NFT games

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Regardless of how much you are interested in digital technologies, fresh news follows you everywhere. Whether they are pop-up ads about a Bitcoin trading broker or daily BTC exchange rates, you involuntarily learn about them. In the same way, people gain knowledge about NFT and NFT games.

NFT recently became an astounding trend. What does this abbreviation stand for? To make things clear, non-fungible tokens serve as cryptocurrency. However, every NFT is unique and claims the rights to a certain digital object like a picture, video, or song. Since the concept of such tokens emerged in 2014, people came up with other methods of employing this technology.

Which activity is one of the most popular among Internet users today? Usually, people spend their free time playing video games! What if you could make money while enjoying your hobby? NFT games are here to serve this purpose. Making profit became possible through:

  • Character collecting;
  • Digital farming;
  • Character development;
  • Game competitions;
  • Token giveaways.

All the available activities sure sound fun! The only thing left to do is to pick a game. To make the right choice, get familiar with the most popular gaming options on the current NFT market.

Alien Worlds

Have you ever dreamt about the worlds outside our home planet? Stargazing makes people wonder which planets and forms of life exist out there. Indeed, traveling millions of light-years to see the wonders is unattainable. Fortunately, virtual cosmic adventures are possible with Alien Worlds!

The game has been entertaining millions since its launch in 2020. At that time, its German founders could hardly imagine that their creation would become a market leader. Undeniably, the company knew a secret that attracted so many gamers.

In reality, different factors made Alien Worlds so appealing. To begin with, the plot plays a significant role since it lights up the initial interest in the game. You live your whole life on the Earth, without a chance to leave it behind unless you are a billionaire. On the other hand, the storyline of Alien Worlds tells about wormholes that allow traveling in every part of the universe. Here, you get to choose from seven planets!

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Once a player picks the planet, the most interesting part begins. The primary activity here is mining Trilium, the inside token, through quests and competitions. In other words, you do the usual exciting gaming but with remuneration. What is convenient about Alien Worlds, is that it operates on:

Now, a beginner could think that the game requires specific technical knowledge. Luckily, the gameplay consists of regular activities, like mining TLM from your piece of land or renting out your territory. If you want to increase the profits, feel free to do side quests as well.

Besides already having multiple good sides, Alien Worlds constantly evolves to cater to the needs of users. The developers fight bots daily and aim to make their game less laggy.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity proudly occupies second place in the ranking of NFT games. This form of entertainment and income-making became legendary all over the world, especially in Asian countries. Why is Axie Infinity so popular?

Undeniably, everybody knows about the phenomenon of Pokemon, the pocket monsters. The uniqueness of Axie Infinity lies in the cute small monsters, called Axies. They come in all colors and forms and are similar to Pokemon in some way. Here are the things you can do to your monsters:

  • Collect;
  • Breed;
  • Trade;
  • Fight.

At first glance, the activity looks like a fun hobby. Yet, many perceive Axie Infinity as a source of stable income. For instance, college students gain the SLP (smooth love potion) tokens, instead of getting a regular part-time job.


Another NFT game, similar to the previous one, is Splinterlands. Even though it launched a couple of years later than its counterparts, it still gained a reasonable number of admirers. Just like any average monster collectible, Splinterlands makes you an owner of a monster card deck.

Every creature possesses unique characteristics like speed, health, and special abilities. These indicators are crucial for successful monster battles, so a user should pick cards carefully. Splinterlands makes your creatures fight with artificial intelligence, so the outcome is exciting and unpredictable! More victories mean more tokens, that you may further exchange on secondary platforms. Furthermore, the game offers passive income in the form of staking.

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As much as football is a popular game in real life, NFT games that incorporate regular sports into virtual reality are appealing as well. Back when video games were only becoming a thing, online matches caught the attention of sports fans. Why buy expensive tickets to rare tournaments, when you can have the same experience at any moment through your computer?

In Sorare, you collect the cards with real football stars from any country or team you favor. Just like the ranking of players differs in reality, the price of collectibles also varies. Your primary goal is to form a team of five cards to your liking. The final award depends on the following factors:

  • Card rarity;
  • Players’ performance in reality.

Rewards may come in form of cryptocurrencies or rare player cards!

Farmers World

The game that concludes the list of the top five NFT games is Farmers World. It is hardly a secret, that gameplay with harvesting themes is loveable among all generations. Maybe such virtual toys are appealing because they reflect traditional activities so much.

Farmers World makes you feel like a true farmer with all the needed tools and a piece of land. Briefly, the game makes its users:

  • Cultivate crops;
  • Reproduce resources;
  • Construct buildings;
  • Protect the property.

If you are diligent enough, you receive generous rewards. Later, you pick a crypto exchange to sell them. In other cases, you may purchase the Gold, Wood, and Food tokens too!


In general, it seems like NFT games are quite similar to traditional video games in terms of theme and gameplay. Yet, their enormous advantage is in the ability to provide you with income while enjoying the hobby. The market constantly expands, so prepare to meet new exciting possibilities!

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