Are There Any SEO Techniques New Websites Should Avoid?

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When you have a new website, it does not matter what you are offering, you have to make sure you invest in SEO. A good search engine optimization strategy is what is going to get you noticed on Google and allow you to rank highly.

Something that you have to be aware of is that Google changes its algorithm on a regular basis. They are constantly tweaking their ways to ensure that users are able to find the best websites that are the most relevant to their searches. This means that you also have to adapt your SEO strategy. This way, you can continue to move up on Google SERPs. Let’s take a look at some SEO techniques that are now outdated and that you should avoid using in your strategy.

Keyword Stuffing on Web Pages

When you are learning about SEO, you are bound to come across the technique of using keywords in content and new web pages on your site. Indeed, using keywords and phrases is important since it can attract the right type of visitors. It can also help you create new topics for blog posts. But, something you need to avoid at all costs is keyword stuffing.

Google once allowed keywords to hold a lot of weight. In other words, if you used a lot of keywords, it would dramatically boost your website’s rankings on the search engine. But, it is very different now. Using too many keywords is referred to as keyword stuffing, which can do more harm than good. Google will notice this practice, as well as it lowers the quality of your content for your visitors.

You want to avoid black hat SEO methods if you want your new website to rank on the first page of Google. Otherwise, the search engine can end up punishing you. If you wish to learn about SEO techniques that are going to help you in a positive way, read online resources to create a plan. For example, visit Joshua George’s website as he is the best SEO consultant in London. He has his own blog and training courses to keep you on the right track with your new website. This way you can ensure you are not using black hat SEO methods that will see your new website pushed down on Google SERPs.

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Producing Low-Quality Guest Posts

Guest posting is definitely something you want to do as part of your SEO strategy. It is a way to introduce your new website to an established audience and boost your traffic, as well as improve your authority within your chosen industry.

However, there is no doubt that guest posting can be time-consuming. You have a new website and you are going to be busy creating content for it. Then, you are suddenly going to create content for other sites. It is common for people to use all of their effort on their own website and then low-quality guest posts for others. You should prioritize your own site, right?

Of course, you should be aiming to create high-quality content for your website. But, this does not mean you should be producing substandard blog posts just because it is not going to feature on your site. You have to make sure that guest posts are still a good representation of your website. Nobody will visit your site if you are producing posts that are boring to read or are clearly rushed.

Spinning Your Website Content

Have you heard of spinning content before? This is something that you do not want to do when you are creating blog posts, guest posts, or even content for your web pages. This is the practice of finding relevant sources and rewriting the content. So, you are avoiding plagiarism but you are not creating unique work that brings anything new to the table.

What is the danger of spinning content if you are not copying your competitors? Well, it is more that you are not creating original content. Google will recognize the fact that you are creating similar content to what is out there already on the internet. So, you might find that spinning content does not have the desired effect you wanted and you end up wasting your time.

There is no doubt that creating regular content is beneficial for SEO. It is going to help you climb the rankings on Google and entertain and help your audience. But, this should be content that is not only useful and engaging but also unique. This is not to say that creating original content is easy. In fact, quite the opposite. But, you are going to have to put in the time and effort to carry out research and talk about topics your audience wants to know about. There is no shortcut for this.

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