10 Smartphone Accessories That Make the Best Gifts

Smartphone accessories

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Christmas Eve is just around the corner. If you’re still trying to figure out what to give to your relatives and friends you might want to take a look at the list of smartphone accessories we have for you.

10 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories

1. ShiftCam ProGrip Starter Kit

A lot of people are doing more professional stuff on their phones these days. But the ergonomics have never been great. The ProGrip from ShiftCam bridges the gap between camera and mobile photography by providing the balance and stability generally only seen when shooting with a DSLR. What’s more, the ProGrip has also been awarded the Red Dot Design in 2020 for innovation.


  • Wireless Power Bank
  • Bluetooth Shutter Button
  • Rotating Phone Mount and Dock
  • ShiftCam ProLenses
  • Cold shoe mount and tripod mount so you can plug in additional accessories like the LED lights and microphones just to name a few.

2. LG Tone Free FP9 UVnano

Next on our list of smartphone accessories are these LG earbuds, which have a unique twist to them. As you put the earphones back in the case after using them, it also features a UV light that will kill any germs that have accumulated on them. One hour of listening time is equal to 5 minutes of charging. However, that 5 minutes also means a decrease in bacteria as well.


  • Plug into wireless freedom
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • UVnano charging cradle destroys 99.9% of germs
  • Medical-Grade Hypoallergenic Ear Gels
  • The new contoured design conforms to the curve of your ear for a secure and fashionable fit.
  • A built-in equalizer produces stunning bass and treble tones that sound crisp and clear by Meridian Technology.
  • 3D sound stage
  • Ambient noise setting
  • Conversation mode
  • Find my earbud feature for each individual earbud

3. DIGIROOT Universal Stylus Pen

Stop clicking and start writing, drawing, or even playing on your smartphone, iPad, or tablet with the Digiroot Universal stylus. Precision matters and so does whatever it is you need to do.


  • Compatible also with touch screen laptops/PCs, and e-Readers are compatible.
  • High Sensitivity 
  • No battery required

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4. PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer & Universal Cell Phone Charger

With the uncertainty of the pandemic worldwide, it really pays to invest in keeping your smartphone bacteria-free. The PhoneSoap 3 will do just that and even charge your phone at the same time. It’s a perfect addition to our list of smartphone accessories.


  • Bacteria-zapping technology with germicidal UV-C bulbs
  • Fits and charges any phone

5. Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller

Got a mobile gamer at home? This mobile game controller is the best there is in the market today. This smartphone accessory allows them to have a lag-free experience while playing video games.


  • Universal Mobile Gaming Controller
  • Compatible with leading cloud gaming services 
  • Clickable analog thumbsticks
  • Latency-Free Gameplay
  • USB Type C Charging Port
  • Ergonomic, Flexible Design for a Comfortable Handheld Grip

6. iOttie Wireless Car Charger

Having a cellphone holder in your car really helps. The next item on our list of smartphone accessories, the iOttie wireless car charger, does more than just that for worry-free driving.


  • Wireless charging with Qi certification 
  • Adjustable foot up to 3 different height settings
  • Motion sensing technology opens and shuts the mount automatically for safe phone installation.
  • Adjustable telescopic arm up to 4.9” – 8.3”

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7. Anker USB C Charger 20W

Are you always on the go? Need to charge your phone as quickly as possible before leaving home? The 20W Anker USB C Charger is the one you need. 

Get a 50% battery for just a 35-minute charge. You’ll need a USB cable for this though since it’s not included.


  • Foldable plug
  • Compatible for iPhones, Samsung Samsung 8 and later models, earbuds, and smartwatches
  • MultiProtect safety system provides protection from temperature control, over-voltage, and current regulation
  • 18-month warranty

8. Anker USB C Car Charger

For charging on the go – literally – the Anker USB C car charger can charge up to 2 devices at once 1.5 hours faster than a standard car charger. The 18W output places it at the standard charging for the latest series of iPhones.


  • Multi-product safety system making it fireproof, has temperature control, overload protection, and a short circuit protection
  • Compact and light
  • Compatible with sub-C, Legacy USB phones, Ipads, iPhone 6 plus, tablets, and other android phones
  • 18-month warranty

9. Movo iVlogger

Are you into vlogging for fame and fortune? Or simply just for the fun of it. Last on our list of smartphone accessories is the Movo iVlogger, which helps make things crisp and clear for a more enjoyable recording and viewing experience. 


  • Adjustable tabletop tripod with phone mount
  • Rechargeable ultra-bright LED30 light with 3 brightness levels
  • Shotgun Microphone
  • Rail mount bracket
  • 1-year warranty

There are hundreds of other ideas for a gift. What other way to complement their smartphone with accessories they will definitely be using every single day. So take your pick. 

Are there any other smartphone accessories you think we might have included in this list? Let us know in the comments section below.