Play Block Puzzle Like a Champ With These Simple Tips

Block Puzzle Tips

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Over 164 million Americans enjoy mobile games, and the number is exponentially growing. While gaming might be considered a ‘lazy pastime,’ it offers unexpected and incredible cognitive function and mental health benefits. Gamers even boast of improved emotional well-being and a positive attitude toward life.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. The kind of games you play determines the benefits you can enjoy. Take playing Tetris, for instance. Do you remember being hooked to the game for hours? Watching the blocks fall on your computer screen and placing them in their correct places to solve the puzzle requires immense hand-eye coordination and excellent problem-solving skills.

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Games Prefer Online Block Puzzle Games

While people enjoy Tetris even today, gamers are always on the lookout for the next big thing. In the era of smartphones, Tetris seems a bit out-of-place, and therefore, gamers prefer online block puzzle games. Block puzzle games are the reimagined, online version of the classic Tetris game that you can play on your mobile devices. All you need to do is down the block puzzle app and create an account. Users can play the game with real-life opponents, which makes it even more fun and addictive.

If you wish to win the block puzzle game, you need to score the highest. Building a high score is easier said than done because there’s a timer ticking away on the screen. The game promises oodles of entertainment and challenges, but beating your opponent can be more challenging than it looks. With the following tips and tricks, you can play a block puzzle like a champ in no time. So, take a look.

Target Clearing the Horizontal and Vertical Lines

The game’s objective is not to fit blocks and fill up space on the board. The game’s primary purpose is to form horizontal and vertical lines, which will help clear the board. So, your focus must be on clearing either horizontal or vertical lines, and every time a line is cleared, you score points.

Start From the Corners

Do you want to build a high score? If so, ensure the game doesn’t end quickly. Staying longer in the game or until the timer ends means using well-designed strategies. A tried and tested tactic is to place the blocks from the screen’s corner instead of the middle. Working your way from the corners will provide you with more horizontal and vertical options as the game progresses.

Moreover, when you place blocks to fill the corners, you can avoid leaving blank spaces in between. By mastering this tactic, you can save yourself from filling the board or grid too fast and ending the game because there’s no more space to fit the blocks.

Earn More Points by Clearing Multiple Columns and Rows

In a block puzzle, you score points by clearing lines. But you don’t have hours to clear lines and increase your points. The game is time-based, which means targeting multiple columns and rows will help you get more points than your opponent. Clearing single lines will also fetch you points, but not as much as numerous lines.

So, when you are focusing on clearing horizontal or vertical lines, be careful of the placement of the blocks. Place the blocks in a way that can help you clear multiple lines at once. This is the most effective way of scoring points quickly.

The 3×3 Square Piece Is Notorious; Leave Space for It

The 3X3 square piece may appear suddenly, and it can kill your game. While playing the game, always be mindful of keeping distance for the 3X3 block so the game doesn’t end. It is essential to create space for this block and place blocks accordingly.

Always Plan Your Moves

Most players find themselves too engrossed trying to clear columns and rows. Also, they get nervous about the ticking timer and start to place blocks anywhere on the board mindlessly. But this can end your game even before the time runs out because you’ll run out of space on the board.

You will soon find yourself left with blocks that don’t fit anywhere on the board, and your game will suddenly come to an end. If you want to stay on in the game and play until the timer stops, you need to avoid placing blocks anywhere and as they come. You need to plan your move and carefully analyze the blocks that you have. You even need to anticipate the blocks that might leave space on the board.

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In the block puzzle game, three blocks appear at a time, and after you’ve placed all three of them, the next set appears. It means you can plan if you carefully study the blocks.

Don’t Dump the Blocks

In tandem with the previous point, you must not dump the blocks anywhere on the board. The placement of the blocks determines whether you’ll win or lose the game. Even though it is crucial to maintain a good speed when placing the blocks, you need to strategize to clear as many columns and rows as possible.

Wrapping Up

These tips will help you to master the block puzzle game and become a champ. You can also play practice games to learn the controls and hone your skills. The better you get at strategizing, the higher your score will be, and you can win lucrative cash prizes.