What happened to the Weekly Wrap-up with Mr. Noobie?

You may or may not have noticed I haven’t published a Weekly Wrap-up video for the past few weeks. No, I haven’t given up on it. In fact, it’s one of the more fun things I get to do every week.

But life has temporarily got in my way. It started with a crazy Friday where a routine irrigation system startup at my house turned into a much larger (and might I say nightmarish) project. No video shoot that day. Then over the weekend, I sat outside for 5 soccer games for my 10-year-old and proceeded to get the sunburn of a lifetime on my face. I decided not to shoot any video for at least 3-4 days as to not scare anyone.

By the time my sunburn healed, I was in a car headed to Florida for my family’s spring break vacation. No video shoot that week either.

The biggest setback

Lambeau - April, 2012But the biggest setback for me was the terrible news I received about my dog, Lambeau, while I was in Florida. My neighbor who was watching our dog called and said it looked like my dog (who is 15 years old now) had a stroke. He wasn’t moving, his eyes were darting back and forth, he was tilting his head to one side and he couldn’t walk and wouldn’t eat.

I was so distressed, I asked my neighbor (who I owe the world to) to take Lambeau straight to the veterinarian while my wife and I packed up the car to head straight back home.

A little while later, we received a call with some encouraging news. My dog had not had a stroke. He appeared to have what is known as Vestibular Disease or “Old Dog’s Disease”. In layman’s terms, my dog had the equivalent of vertigo in humans.

The most encouraging part is that most dogs recover from this. Not all, but most. And so far, Lambeau has shown several signs of improvement. He is walking again although he still stumbles and falls occasionally. His head tilt has improved and his eyes don’t dart back and forth nearly as much as they did when it first happened.

On the negative side, I am struggling trying to get him to eat again which is a crucial step to his recovery.

I don’t know where everyone’s faith lies who is reading this but if you believe like I do, I could sure use a couple extra prayers for Lambeau right now. He (and I) could use all the help we can get.

I hope you all don’t mind me sharing these personal experiences on my blog which is supposed to be all about technology. But it feels good to be able to talk about it.

New studio is ready to go

Speaking of technology (as I try to bring this back around to the tech side), my umbrella lights finally arrived so my studio setup is now complete. So when I do resume shooting my Weekly Wrap-up videos (it may still be a few weeks since on top of everything else I have two business trips this month), it will be in my new studio!

If all goes well, maybe I’ll invite Lambeau to be in my first video.

P.S. Here’s a video I shot for Lambeau’s 13th birthday where he gets to enjoy his annual ice cream cone.


  1. Will say a couple of extra prayers for Lambeau, you and your family.  Hope you can get him to eat soon.  We have a dog that is 14, and he’s one of the family.  He has arthritis so it is hard for him to get around.  He didn’t eat well for a while, and we figured out he was having trouble chewing the dry dog food.  So now we moisten it for him.  So if Lambeau has dry food, you might try that.

  2. Patric;

    In my experience most faiths have a form of prayer … and I will be remembering you, your family and your beloved dog, Lambeau over the next few days and weeks. It is always difficult to watch someone we love (person or animal) go through trials and illness …. especially for kids.

    Having lost my two 15+ year companions over the last couple of years I can definitely identify.

    Peace and health blessings to all involved! Colleen Kelly

  3. Awww, looking forward to seeing a healthier Lambeau in your first studio video, and happy to include you all in a prayer right now.  And your neighbor??? Big kudos to him/her.  Finding a dog-sitter you can trust is amazing.  Finding someone who wants to do it…even more so.

  4. Count on prayers from me as well.  My little girl turns 15 in June and, yes, I fear the day that will approach far too soon.  She is all but deaf and has slowed considerably but is my true companion.

    On a more pleasant subject I have some experience as a tv reporter/photographer and I guarantee you the acquired lighting will enhance your videos way beyond your hopeful expectations.

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